Photo Search Results
The updated version of the Mario Mosaic,containing photos from both phases of the project, was unveiled in CONSOL Energy Center on October 6, 2011. Thank you to the thousands of Pittsburgh Penguins fans, cancer survivors and Mario Lemieux Foundation supporters who helped raise over $250,000 for cancer research and Austin's Playroom Project!
The Mario Mosaic is made up of over 21,000 photos from Pittsburgh Penguins fans and Mario Lemieux Foundation supporters who generously donated to be a part of this tribute. The general public can view the Mosaic during regular business hours free of charge, even without a ticket to a Penguins game or concert event. There are two kiosks located in CONSOL Energy Center with the same search capabilities as Use the kiosks to find your photograph, then locate your picture in the actual Mario Mosaic!
You can locate your photo(s) by entering a search code, name or email address associated with the photo into the search field. Please note that photos submitted during the first phase have remained in the Mario Mosaic, but may be in a new location.
When you visit the Mario Mosaic at CONSOL Energy Center, you can use one of two touch screen kiosks to search for your photo(s) using the same search methods. Find the general location of your photo, and then locate your photograph within the Mosaic!
You can enter CONSOL Energy Center free of charge using the Trib Total Media Gate to view the Mario Mosaic during normal business hours. You will need a ticket to view the Mosaic during scheduled events. Questions/Comments? Contact Us